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As you are aware when question is first time posted its link url in generated from the title of the question.

And when question is edited, the link also changes.

This causes many errors in google search indexation.

Suppose that question is initially posted with title "title url 1", so its url is generated as "www.q2a.com/id/title-url-1". And google indexes it within a certain time.

In case user updates the title of the question as "title url 2", the url of question also updates to "www.q2a.com/id/title-url-2". And google treat it as new page, not update.

So, google indexation will index this second url, however, it will treat the first url into 404 error. In google search console there will be a lots of error pages if users deliberately or frequently updates questions.

The same scenario is valid for tags as well.

How to overcome these issues? Currently, I am only thinking about preventing users to edit question title and question tag (they only can edit content of question). And allow only Admins and Moderators to edit them.

I searched it in this site, but I could not find solution here.
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