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What query do I need to use to get the count of questions related to a tag?

I added some tags to the sidebar, but I'd like to add just to the right the amount of questions that use that tag as well.
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With newer versions of q2a, this is implemented in tag list. Check http://www.question2answer.org/qa/tags

You can use Noah's code below for a selfcreated widget.

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Something like this:

$count = qa_db_read_one_value(
        'SELECT COUNT(postid) FROM ^posttags WHERE wordid=#',
Noah, I guess this is within a post, isn't it? I actually need to get the values globally since they'll be placed in the sidebar, just aside thir corresponding tags. Any guess?
No, that's anywhere... all you need is a word id for each tag; if your widget is showing tags, you must have the word id for each tag, no?  Just pass it in as $tagid, then echo the output, $count.