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how to custom "qa-q-item-avatar-meta" container in index page , I just want to show the catergory of post

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I don't know if I understood it correctly. But basically you want to remove everything from the "qa-q-item-avatar-meta" and keep only the Category. right?
Yes that's what I mean

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These can be done from the translation files. So follow these steps:

 1. Learn how to translate from this link: https://docs.question2answer.org/translate

 2. Define whether you are going to update an existing translation or just customize these particular phrases

 3. Create/Update file qa-lang-main.php and add/edit these translation strings:

'in_category_x' => '^',
'meta_order' => '^where',

This will result in posts only showing the category they belong to.

Note: All these steps apply to the whole system, not just question lists. If you want a different behavior for question lists and for the question view page, then you will have to write a plugin for that.

I don't want to translate
What I want is to remove the history and the writer
Your comment states you want to remove the WHAT and WHO. In your question you stated you wanted to only keep the WHERE. This contradicts the WHEN. If you only want to keep the WHERE, you have to remove the WHEN.

Aside from that, what you are asking for (in the question) can be achieved by following the steps I showed you about translating. If you don't *want to translate* I think you should provide a solid explanation on why you don't *want* to do so