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1. How can i prevent link sharing and image sharing, in




2. How can i restrict users to register only with given email addresses like

Gmail.com, yahoo.com and outlook.com only??

3. How can i create realtime notification system like quora, for Registered users when their question is answered, voted, liked, commented??

4. How can i show realtime unanswered questions to users?

5. How can i put categories following same like quora spaces so that when someone do activity in that category then a notification and email goes to the follower of that categories??
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2. Use registration blocker plugin by Ansgar and use allowed because only option.

3. Use On-Site-Notification plugin

4. We allready have Unanswered page

Yes, but unanswered questions require unindexed queries to be enabled in config file
What? Can you explain