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Hello, Mr. @Scott and other masters!

I don't know if I can tell you, but I want to try my luck!

As I said in the title, when the hourly questions and answers are finished within hours, they can still write questions and answers, but they cannot earn points.

For example; There are 4 questions and 4 answers! After 4 questions and 4 answers at the same time, you can continue to ask and answer, but they cannot earn points from the questions asked and answered after hourly rights! Is it possible?

Why am I doing this? This means that the score on our site means money. Do; The scores allow people to make money.

Thank you in advance for anyone who wants to read and help.

─░lgili site: https://neyseya.com/sor/

I'm using sorry translation for English
Q2A version: 1,8,2

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