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Is there a way to set the limits for up- and downvotes on questions and answers to "unlimited" other than setting the values to BIGNUM? If I set the values under Admin → Points to 0 votes don't yield any points for the users.

Q2A version: 1.8.4
The default settings for limit on points is more like a tool to prevent a user from "voting spree" just to increase points. It does not mean the limit number of votes on your questions/answers
Ah, I see. Upvoting on my site doesn't give the person casting the vote points, so that's a non-issue for me. I'll just set the limits to BIGNUM then. Thanks.
I think if your users get 0 points for voting, then you can ignore this setting option. Setting the limits to BIGNUM has no meaning here.

If your users does get points from voting, you should limit to small number instead, just to discourage them from doing something fishy.
My problem was that with the limit set to 0 the user *receiving* the vote didn't get points. That was not desired. The user *casting* the vote is not supposed to receive points, but that is already handled by setting the values "Voting up a question/answer" to 0 points.

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