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what can be the problem that made the categories not showing on the board front, but exist on the database table?

i export an install from localhost to a web server online and everything is working except the presentation of the categories on sidebar neither in Admin section.

recalc categories does not solve. where do i seek the root of this problem?

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Can be something related to php version or settings in the web server?
whats happen to other threads bellow?
i you help something there iam not seen them.
what are the server configurations that presentation  of items depend to be show?
the q2a core make some limitation of the number of them  that can exist?
max_imput_vars alone can make them  not to show?
We're not sitting in front of your computer, so we can't help you unless you provide a lot more information. What exactly do you mean by "not showing?" Is the "categories" menu entry missing? Is the "categories" page empty? Is the "categories" section in the admin center empty?

Please edit your question to provide this information.
they are on the table database.
there is none of that list presented on the site.
nor in admin page neither in the users page lists(sidebar or page)
sometimes the only info that appears in the total number of them when i make recalculate in admin stats page.

whats your hint for that happens? php or mysql settings?
DB settings seems an unlikely cause to me, unless you messed up access permissions (the user Q2A connects to the DB with should have all privileges on all DB tables, check with "SHOW GRANTS FOR `dbuser`@localhost;").
I'd say the most likely cause is an issue with your theme. Can you see the categories if you select a different theme? In the admin center "categories" section, do the categories appear in the HTML when you inspect the page source code in your browser?
change theme do nothing, neither any items on table database appear in html
Then you need to dig into the code. How familiar are you with writing/debugging PHP?
You should show the output of "show tables" from your database.
almost null. which was the solution. its a pun. i will answer to say what it was.thanks

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sorry the late reply to this.

the problem was that when i made the export, the cell table of the main category id should be null and there was not. somehow was filled with a zero. that leads to neither that appears on index front end, nor the sub-categories of that, because there are not any category with id zero.

at that time i don't notice that. only after a second look.

thanks to those that try to help on this.