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Today I changed blobs to server for keeping images on another file.But before I hade 13.6mb database size now I have 14.7mb.

What happened?

Database size should have decreased but didnot

So what is wrong.
Q2A version: 1.8.3
Did you delete the BLOBs from the database? And did you optimize the table qa_blobs afterwards?
No I didnot , did I have to remove it? Because I thought it will optimize it by itself
To my knowledge changing BLOB storage from database to files affects only items that are uploaded from that point forward. If you want to free up database space consumed by existing BLOBs you'd have to manually migrate those to files and probably also update the references. Only after doing that you could then remove the migrated BLOBs from the database and optimize the table to free the space.

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