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I reached about 1 GB in images in my qa_blobs table.

I like the flexibility with one of my plugins (image manager) to search for false uploads, unused uploads and remove those images. Plus I can quickly rotate images by PHP.

But there is one problem: My host provider can obviously not handle backups of databases greater than 1 GB. The backups fail from time to time (not always).

So I am considering transfering the images from the db table to the file system.

The disadvantage I see is the backup then, because I need to copy ALL files by FTP to my home pc or i run a ZIP php script but I could bet that it fails due to the size!

My question: What is your experience on the image storage? Do you have any idea how I can handle this?

Note: I do not want to use an image hoster. I want to be in full control of my content.
Q2A version: 1.7.1
One option would be the command line program rsync. You can run that every few days or weeks and it will only download the new images.

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Using MySQLDumper you can create mysql backup. 

If you want to store your images from outsite DB then

1. Create a folder named "images" on where you install Q2A 

2. Add this line on config.php define('QA_BLOBS_DIRECTORY', 'images');

3. Go to yoursite/admin/stats

4. Blobs To Disk