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I am translating q2a in urdu language then I get these Strings

'claim_a_popup' => 'Assign this answer to your user account', 

'claim_button' => 'I wrote this', 

'claim_c_popup' => 'Assign this comment to your user account', 

'claim_q_popup' => 'Assign this question to your user account',

I saw these Strings for the first time. Where is it used? And any settings related to these features in the admin section? Or these features are dropped?

Q2A version: v1.8.5
closed with the note: Thnx... @pupi1985 i get it now

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In order to see that button you need to follow this flow:

  1. Post as an anonymous user
  2. Register
  3. Browse the page with the post (using the same browser so the cookie matches)
The idea is that you can "claim" that anonymous post as yours. It isn't a frequent scenario, if ask me.