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please i need someone to guide me on how to change the layout of the categories list page, most importantly to change the category name to link to the question in that category.

thanks for your response
Q2A version: 1.8.5
"to change the layout of the categories list page": not an easy task because you need to either edit core files (pages/categories.php), or create a custom style sheet to customize those CSS elements in the Categories page. People may help you if you have some certain issues in doing so, but I doubt if someone will provide you with a free tutorial session.

"to change the category name": Where did you create your categories? Isn't it in yoursite.com/admin/categories ?
thanks for your response, what i really mean is this

you know on the category list page, on left side you will have the name of the category and on the right side is the numbers of the questions in that category.

lets say you want to navigate to a category if you click on the name its should take you to the category questions but the its not linked only the question count is linked
I know what you mean because I was once like you were now. You have to edit the core file named pages/categories.php. Please note that raw changes like that won't survive future updates.

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