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Currently I have Q2A blog hosted on containerized Docker server, which is dedicated to a team in our organisation. We want to open the blog to different teams as well by migrating the blog to new Virtual machine and enabling LDAP authentication(Internal authentication is enabled for the blog apparently). Can someone please let me know the steps for migrating the blog to new VM?
Where is the database running? In another container? Elsewhere? Should it be migrated too?
Normally when you migrate, you will migrate both the Q2A application and the database. These two things are linked together by a configure file.

To migrate Q2A application, it's easy. Just zip your current installation folder and unzip it in the destination server.

To migrate the database, you can back up your existing one, and restore it in the destination server. Or maybe the import/export procedure will do as well. This link is an example of migrate SQL server https://hevodata.com/blog/migrate-mysql-database-between-two-servers/

Make sure your domain works in your destination server, and the information in the configure file (qa-config.php) is correct.

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