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I did an installation on my server, but after configuring it, it's only showing me a blank page saying: "This will only take a moment. Please wait..." 

And it stays there doing nothing.
What do I have to do to fix this? Please help, thanks.

My forum page is: foro.rme-systems.ml 

Q2A version: 1.8.5
I'm not sure if Q2A supports Openresty. You may try some NGINX installation methods to see if it works.

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Looks like you're having some DNS problems.
There's a handful of things that could be generating this problem.

  • If you've just acquired the domain name, or server recently, there's a chance the domain hasn't fully propagate. It might take up to 24+ hours for a new domain to fully propagate.
  • If you previously had a website installed on this host, deleted it, and now reinstalled a new software, there's a chance the account reset hasn't been done properly. Leaving some files behind such as .htaccess and such. Or the Hosting hasn't fully processed this change.
  • Make sure your Q2A domain is pointed to  foro.rme-systems.ml  in Q2A Admin Settings, and not for the main directory  rme-systems.ml .

But I believe it's the first option, so wait 24h, if your website still hasn't updated, get in touch with your hosting provider to help you fix this DNS connection problem.