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How to list all questions/answers a user voted for?

I think this would be one more great step towards transparency. And avoid spam votes.

Guess we need a plugin for that again?!
I would love to see this on user profiles. The way we're using Q2A, it would be valuable to be able to see what other users have voted on via their profiles.

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As per my knowledge Q2A doesn't store any user specific information in question or answer for votes. So I think you may need to create a plugin using custom tables.

You can use vote event to insert the data. It will allows you to get all information related to question, answer and user. See here


'q_vote_up', 'q_vote_down', 'q_vote_nil', 'a_vote_up', 'a_vote_down', 'a_vote_nil'

So on event just get data and insert into table and than run query to list them all. This would be interesting plugin..... If you want my help let me know I would like to work on this.

Gud luck...

qa_uservotes saves all the necessary data :)
Maybe I gonna do a plugin for this when i find time.
On the other hand, when the "who voted" feature would not be only for admin but public, this would not be that necessary anymore.
That's nice info.. thanks for sharing..