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Can I use LiteSpeed instead of apache to load my website?

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You're looking at the problem from the wrong angle. The question is not if Q2A supports Litespeed, but if Litespeed supports PHP (the language in which Q2A is implemented).

The structure looks like this:

Litespeed is the webserver, PHP is the runtime environment, and Question2Answer is an application.

But to answer your question: yes, apparently Litespeed works with PHP, so it should support Q2A. It looks like you need to install a specific version that is precompiled with PHP support, though.

Thank you!!!
Note that different servers do vary and can serve PHP in different ways. For example, getting friendly URLs working requires different server setup for Apache and nginx.

We don't officially support Litespeed so you'll need to figure things out for yourself (if no one here is able to answer). But once you have PHP set up it should work fine.