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Earlier, used to install q2a easily on any shared hosting that had apache and php.

Currently, I'm trying to get into cloud infra through digitalocean. I am using cyberpanel instead of cpanel for cost cutting.

Now I have learnt that it's based on litespeed server than traditional apache/nginx.

Question2answer website says any server with apache/nginx with php 5.x or later would support.

Can it run on litespeed servers without any manual changes or settings? What am I missing here and what should I take care while starting with litespeed server (cyberpanel) on digitalocean droplet based cloud hosting?

Edited: Installed on Ubuntu > Cyberpanel (open litespeed) > php 8.1
Q2A version: Latest
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Possible duplicate of https://www.question2answer.org/qa/85391

Beware that using PHP 8 might be the bigger issue in your setup. You may need patches from pupi1985's development branch for that.

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