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I know many people are curious to know what is coming in Q2A v1.8. Here is list of features committed to 1.8 branch on GitHub.

  1. Cache manager
  2. Added local Joomla integration
  3. Updated event logger plugin
  4. Fix upgrade queries for shared Q2A user installations 
  5. Include link to documentation website 
  6. Added replyto support for qa_send_email 
  7. Fix redirects for guest users, login error, already-defined constant 
  8. Add site language to HTML tag 
  9. Gravatar images should always use HTTPS 
  10. Fix missing icon on PM 
  11. Refactor widget check code (qa_content_prepare) 
  12. Allow widget plugins on page plugins 
  13. Changed coding style
  14. Some minor bug fixes.

collected this data from GitHub commits.

I dont know when it is planned to release, Scott may know. Release backlog is available here

Q2A version: 1.8

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Without checking each commit, I'm pretty sure you're missing some important changes such as IPV6 support (crucial, IMO!) and password hashing changes that break any possible downgrade from 1.8 to 1.7.4. There are also some other minor changes such as compacting numbers (e.g.: "1.5k views"), being able to specify decimal separators, switching to schema.org microdata or increasing post character limit. I'm sure I'm missing many more here.

Apart from what has been done, there is a sort of release backlog which Scott mentioned some time ago: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/45239/show=45265#a45265. That's the closest thing to an ETA. In my personal opinion, there is still a long way to go but it is a matter of moving one step at a time.
Thanks for pointing out, will add those to list. could you please point to those commits.  thanks.
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No, that's a lot of work :) But if you want to see all commits that are in branch 1.8 that are not in branch 1.7.4 you can run this command:
git log v1.7.4..1.8

I guess you just checked up to when the 1.7.4 merged into 1.8 for the last time that's why you lost so many commits. In fact, this is the first commit in the 1.8 branch (look at the year!):

commit 7afa64f64b804305e94cffc7ac118e3d75811a76
Author: pupi1985 <pupi1985@bitbucket.org>
Date:   Wed Dec 3 08:14:36 2014 -0300

    Added qa_format_number function to replace all number_format

BTW, I don't really know what will happen with commits in dev since v1.7.4. I mean, will they be part of v1.7.5 or 1.8? If they will be part of 1.8, then there are more commits to look at. Otherwise, you can disregard them.
Yes, just checked commits after "Mar 14, 2016" and listed above.

Git clones complete repo so all old commits will be there in new version, only issue is all changes done after  "Mar 14, 2016" will be seen as a part of release v1.7.4, because of commit comments and timeline