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I am interested in deploying Question2Answer on our intranet to replace the forums and mailing lists used by our developers. We have a lot of content on our DokuWiki installation, though, and I have a few questiosn regarding Question2Answer and DokuWiki:

  • Can I search across both Question2Answer and DokuWiki content?
  • Can I easily link between DokuWiki and Question2Answer content?
  • Can I promote Question2Answer content to the wiki? I can imagine some questions morphing into articles.

Could the plugin architecture support these features? Is there a better alternative?

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No, there is no integration like that provided. However, some of what you're looking for could be scripted manually and done with Q2A plugins. You can also use SSO to allow users of the wiki to log in to Q2A.

Searching across a completely different set of tables is not possible at all and I would assume is way outside the scope of Q2A.

I don't know exactly how and what you want to cross-link but you could do another plugin that takes the title or tags from a Q2A question and finds relevant links on the wiki.

You could make a plugin that takes the content of a question from Q2A and inserts it into your wiki database, then optionally hides the original question.
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I know this is a pretty old question but I have some comments for your first question just in case you have not found out any solution:

  • Can I search across both Question2Answer and DokuWiki content?

Well, there is no built in integration for this but what you could do is use Nutch to crawl both the sites and feed them to Apache Solr. This way the users can search across both dokuwiki content and Question2Answer content. 

Is there a solr apache plugin?