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Please welcome some "new" plugins for q2a.

Some are actually not "new", the correct word is "unknown" laugh and until yesterday the other correct word was "outdated" blushwink

These plugins were tested on 1.8.2 yesterday, but should work on previous version (I'm running 2 of them on my 1.7.4 q2a production site)

I updated my wysiwyg math editor

It is based on ckeditor4, was done long time ago (ckeditor 4 was just released at the time I created it if I remember correctly). It is the same WYSIWYG editor than official question2answer... because q2a has today the same WYSIWYG distributed in the core.

So test it if you are looking for a math editor, try it and eventually give feedback/report bugs here or on github issues page

If you are looking for a ckeditor 4 editor (you should not...), use default wysiwyg q2a core plugin ! wink Better quality believe me ! yes

About me and math editors plugins, I have  a long experience in trying to make math formulas working in q2a, my previous endless attempt q2a-markdown-editor-latex (based on scott vivian markdown editor and some code from everywhere) never worked perfectly and is currently broken. If somebody wants to fix it, patches are welcome !!

About math editors, comparison with other good alternatives is provided on the github readme

Spoiler : other are very good, approach is a bit different (not the same editor and/or use preview zone instead full wysiwyg), but I repeat sceditor and q2a-formatter are fine and I just tested them quickly yesterday

Second plugin is q2a-memes which is a basic editor plugin for adding a memes box to post lolfaces in your comments/answers. See for instance this comment

Last plugin is q2a-smilies that you should know because it's a fork of NoahY q2a-smilies but there are some improvements :

- Ability to combine with other smilies boxes (there was a js issue)

- Add A LOT of smilies

- Style improved

You can see a post with a smiley here

It is a plugin for basic editor, today, q2a default wysiwyg editor has smilies features among other stuff (but the number of smiley is very limited).

Full details/screenshots on github pages q2a-wysiwyg-matheditor q2a-memes and q2a-smilies

To conclude, if you like my work and effort... to make me happy, just give a star to my  repositories on github yes

Thank you q2a people and plugin authors for this platform which is really great.



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Good job

But I believe if the symbols written previously in a list it will become better than writing codes!