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Hello !
As on topic - @sama55 - have You got plans to build / make new plugins for Q2A ? Your work was awesome , we need more this quality plugins for Q2A ! I will buy something for sure ! :)

Q2A version: 1.7.4. with custom changes

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When the development organization of Q2A improves, I will resume development for Q2A. Unfortunately, I'm thinking now is not that time.

I appreciate your rating for me. Thank you so much.
dont say that .. i just opted for this as a q2a site :p ..
moreover development is slow but not dead what i see .. but i wonder how to get it fast .. hmm
I would like to work with such a leader.

Element1: Big dream and strong belief
Element2: Strong leadership and determination power
Element3: Negotiation ability
Element4: Current large motivation and steady efforts
Element5: Large capacity and absorbency
Element6: Broad perspective and foresight
Element?: Technical skills <= not important
Element?: Past effort and results <= not important
I'm not sure what you mean by elements 3 & 5 (negotiation with what?). And 1, 2, 6 all sound the same. I certainly think I have a strong belief in Q2A and large motivation.

Why do you say technical skill is not important? Of course, you don't need to be an amazing programmer to contribute but you do need some technical skill.
I love this from @sama55