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I've used q2a and now I am also using wpforo. I could not decide which one is better in feature,  design and security.  So,  can anybody provide me an information on this? 

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wpforo is wordpress plugin so all feature are controlled by plugin developer. If you or other developer want to add any new features then you will need to contact plugin developer. Wordpress platform is very secure and stable but dont know about this plugin. Also check performance of this plugin.

Q2A is independent QA platform, anyone can develop plugin and add new feature. It is stable and secure also. for performance you can check below page

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Q2a is better

WP IS very simple

You dont askme but xenforo is most amazing
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q2a is outdated in terms of design and many features, and developers take too much for something new, there are much better and cheaper paid platforms.
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