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I had used this mysql query to show the duplicated question  :


SELECT title, COUNT(*) c FROM posts  GROUP BY title HAVING c > 1;


the CMD returns 1K of deplicated question at least count 2  for each question


I need to hide/remove all those question programmatically using a question2answer script


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Q2A version: latest

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Actually, I need to run this  automatically
So, just modify the plugin to have it run through your list of posts.  Sorry, I don't provide custom support like this (as per your pm).
I don't get it, if q2a-post-merge can solve the problem how can I use it !!
for example I have 4K question :
 I mean 2K is unique and 1K is duplicated

so how can I fix this issue with this plugin ! I can see just 2 TEXT BOXES  :
"from" and "to"

in my case should I put from:1 , to:4000 and the plugin will find and remove automatically all 1K  of duplicated posts !!??
No, but you could modify the php code directly to loop through your list.
can you write me a code to delete or hide all duplicated posts to run as script "php script.php"
I am not a programmer so I can't do this by myself
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I need to hide automatically if any post (question) had count > 1 (that's mean the post is duplicated)

so I need kinda script and execute it like this "#php HideDuplicated.php" from the Terminal

I think the script will do a select like this : SELECT title, COUNT(*) c FROM posts  GROUP BY title HAVING c > 1;

and hide/remove the duplicated posts automatically using a q2a hide function.