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Hi everyone

One cool feature I can see is the ability to set a bounty to each question so that the difficult questions can get more attention from the community. And that is a good way to exchange knowledge and reputation.

Do we have any plan on implementing that?
Establishing a bounty construct seems like an interesting, and complicated, proposition.

Shall a seeker be required to pay the bounty amount upfront, to be held in escrow by the Q2A-powered site? Is the site operator expected to intervene and mediate any disputes between seeker and respondant(s)?

Across various 'lancer sites, I have repeatedly experienced the scenario where a "seeker" fields a question/request, receives multiple worthwhile responses... then neglects to acknowledge/accept ANY of them! Worse, seekers too often take a shotgun approach -- posting same RFP to multiple 'lancer sites, certainly without the intent to pay multiple respondants.

I believe the kickstarter(dot com) approach, enabling MULTIPLE seekers to pledge a bounty amount toward a given project/solution, has merit. As a platform, perhaps Q2A could be modified to "fit" that usage model... but building a kickstart-like app from scratch, with attention to its defined goals, sounds like a wiser choice, IMO.
I agreed, enabling MULTIPLE seekers to pledge a bounty should be a good option. Also, the seeker can be required to pay the bounty upfront to avoid the shotgun approach you mentioned earlier. At the due time, if the seeker does not accept ANY answer then the bounty should be given to the answer with the most vote. That is my subjective thinking.

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