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A) Google insists on indexing pages with the "?show=", although there is a proper CANONICAL tag.  How can I overcome this?

I am looking at Google Search Console.  In "Coverage -> Indexed, not submitted in sitemap" I have several urls listed with the following format:

The correct url is:

But if you check the source code, I do have the correct canonical statement

So why does google insist to index the  "?show="  pages?

B) A friend told me that I could possibly rectify this by replacing this url:


With this type of url:


Is there a possibility to do this?
Q2A version: 1.8.2

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To explain the ?show= parameter: it’s there to ensure the correct page of answers is displayed. So if you have 2 pages of answers it will show the second page. (The canonical will also include the correct page number/start parameter in it too.)

To answer your questions:

A) It’s most likely because your site is new and not very popular yet, so Google is taking its time indexing and updating the site. It found a link to the ?show= version of the URL and ended up indexing that first. In the end there’s no harm since people can get to the page anyway.

B) That won’t work if there are multiple pages of answers as described above. But if the answers are always 1 page then it would work. BTW the correct anchor is #a1152 (the other one may currently work but is likely to be removed in future).

My q2a site is more than 4 years old.  If you look at the url, it is only one page.  So no point having the ?show=

I have a problem of duplicate content because both urls are indexed by google:

The canonical tag shows this one:

So how can I get rid of the duplicate content issue?