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Hey Scott, pupi1985 what features are planned for Q2A v1.9.0?


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At the moment it's mostly just the remaining things that didn't make it into 1.8. I would ask for more feature requests but I just wanna try and get the current list done first. Which is:

  • On-page Notifications
  • More control over which pages are displayed (e.g. completely turning off the Users page)
  • Allow user to sort answers by votes/time.
  • Change user page URLs to /id/username
  • Use AJAX for closing questions
There are also a few nice "under-the-hood" changes that have already been made:
  • Namespaces used in core code
  • New routing and Controller system (work in progress)
  • Recalc code converted to OO (thanks to Spudley for this)
  • AJAX calls now use JSON responses, and can make updates to multiple parts of a page (excellent work by pupi1985)

 I also have a list of over 80 minor things I'd like to do, but I probably won't get around to many of them :)

@fahimalfarhan how is that a bug? I don't see why you should be logged out.
Thanks Scott  and team. Do you have any plans to enable infinite scroll like in Discourse Forum software ?  Any other good features we can pick up Discourse ?
hey @scott, how is progress on these features?
same question