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Question2Answer plugin for hiding users list from anonymous visitors and not confirmed users

Usualy, closed access sites neet to hide list of users for privacy issues. This plugin does just that.

When plugin is installed and enabled, visotors that are not logged in and user that are not confirmed will not see Users menu option.

More than that, if user tries to access users list or user profile by typing URL of the page it will also be protected.

Usernames are removed from lists of questions, actually replaced with 'hidden.user'.

Avatars are also hidden from anonymous visitors.

Works with Question2Answer version 1.7.5 and newer. Not tested with earlier versions.


Install this plugin by copying it to qa-plugin/qa-hide-users-list directory and enable it using Question2Answer site admin.


I could not find proper way to obtain directory path for plugin so I had to hardcode that path to load replacement page for Users which is located within this plugin directory. Suggestions how to overome this are welcome.

Download: https://github.com/pedjas/q2a-hide-users-list

Q2A version: 1.7.5, 1.8.0
nice plugin, keep up good work!
Thank you for support!
Version 0.3

Added: Usernames are removed from lists of questions, actually replaced with 'hidden.user'.
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Updated to version 0.4.

Q2A user monkey confirmed plugin works fine on Q2A version 1.7.5.

Avatars are now also hidden from anonymous visitors.
Can you make this plugin like facebook profile lock where each user can lock their own profile from stealing their personal information.
Aman, I believe this request is way beyond my knowledge on Q2A internals.

However, my opinion is that web site in global has to take care about privacy, not for each user separately.

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