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The permissions don't seem to work
Q2A version: 1.5.3
I can't even find any option to forbid anonymous visitors to view the users list.

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From the admin panel, go to "pages" and there uncheck the "users" item : it will hide the page from your site.

But it unfortunately do not make it unaccessible : anonymous, i.e. non inscribed persons may access the users list by manually look for the URL as the follow : ./qa/users/

And also problematic is that it hide the page from all users, so they have to give in the url manually to access it...

It's not satisfactory but it's the only trick I have found so far.
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There is a plugin Hide Users List at https://github.com/pedjas/q2a-hide-users-list/

It hides menu item Users for anonymous users and also for users that are not approved.

It also protects page access so if someone tries to access page typing url directly it will also be protected form viewing.