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But tags are large in numbers how can you submit them?
I can divide the site map in to 4 or 5 sitemaps for as long each sitemap is below 5MB. I just want to know if submitting tags won't destroy my website' SEO

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No, not really. You should better don't include them (the same for categories).
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Best ones:

Don't include says: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/webmasters/Sflcxbh7uFg

From https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/q/4803/90131

That's the sitemap paradox -- if your site isn't being properly crawled (for whatever reason), using a sitemap will not help you!

Good read: https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/60348/should-i-include-forum-posts-in-the-sitemap

Now it's worth mentioning that Google will pretty much index any important URL without the need of a sitemap, many don't even bother with a sitemap and ensure their site has a very friendly way of finding content without having to go down to deep in the URLs to discover the new content but others believe that a sitemap really does help Google.

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No, you should not submit sitemap for tags. It would be better if you block them from robots.txt because tags pages will cause content duplicacy.