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am wondering if this script or code base is MVC and if it has things like ORM, and templating ?

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If you mean 'does it use a known MVC framework, or 'does it use an active-record-type pattern and a true MVC distinction between model, view and controller' then the answer is no.

However, it collects the database queries in a single module, routes requests to scripts through a Rails-like page routing system, and has a theme-based system that collects essentially all the logic for display in one PHP class. Which makes the answer a qualified 'yes'.
Having looked into just this I can say that the SQL injection prevention stuff is definitely there (it's a little non-standard but well implemented.) There are still relatively few entry points for inserting content into the database, so you should be able to check this out for yourself, if you're concerned.

There's more at:

ooh ok... but if many sites are using it and you guys have not seen any issues so far then I guess I can go with the crowd... but is there any big big site that uses this and its safe... I would love to know how they implemented and made it work for them
I don't have any personal knowledge of the bigger sites, but you can see a list of sites using this code here:

ooh thanks... I will take a look and then study how it fairs with those sites