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is this script a great script ?? or is phpmyfaq better ??

as i am looking for a nice script where non register/registered users can  fill up my faq page and can handle the questions of other users

Thank you

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Their main website looks well-designed but I can't find a demo apart from http://faq.phpmyfaq.de/ - if that's the current software then I'd say Q2A is much better, particularly in its layout/organisation.

I didn't see any mention of user points in the feature list (although to be fair, Q2A doesn't do much with the points currently).

Also, the fact they seem to use other software for the various parts of their website may not be a good sign - e.g. why have a forum when you could use the Q&A script?

See also: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/4253/what-makes-this-better-than-other-question-answer-softwares

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Of what i've so-far seen - and that's most of those available - this one's by far the best. Moreover, it's also improving significantly.

I gave up on a demo install of phpmyfaq (and various others) as they were either seemingly too complex for for those of us who aren't coders to install, or lacking in basic features, or requiring too many mods to get working sanely.

And, whilst this one also requires some time and attention to get working the way I want, it's the only one I've considered worth sticking with.