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I'm not able to use the ckEditor jQuery adaptor with native q2a editor..  (but I can create a new editor in q2a and set text on that instance with the enhanced ckEditor val method.. ) please advise..

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this is actually very doable..

the key is to load  the ckeditor js and config files in the right order.. most are in the /q2a/qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor  folder and get loaded automatically .. I loaded the jquery.js adapter in the theme file in my test, but it should be conditionally loaded IMO..

- jquery.min.js ( from cdn or whereever)
 - ckeditor.js
 - config.js
 - jquery.js ( the ck adapter include)

config.js is suppose to load before jquery.js  and have this setting:

    CKEDITOR.config.jqueryOverrideVal = true;

 now onto deployment issues.. !   see here:


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