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I didn't know why CKEditor didn't work as expected. I have problem with color text. I believe this caused by uncompleted tag like #FF3FF0" their are missing this: <p color=". The complete one should be <p color="#FF3FF0">...</p> ?


If you are trying type the below text using red color or #FF3FF0 (I guess). 

Hello word 

The output result was like this:

Hello word
Tags: #FF3FF0

If you are answering or commenting, the output result like this:

#FF3FF0">Hello Word

What I already tried

I have try to delete old  Wysiwyg Editor in qa-plugin folder and download a fresh new Wysiwyg Editor plugin from Question2Answer packpage on Github but it doesn't solve the problem.

Thanks a lot for help.

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Maybe this is a long shot but I remember people complaining about something similar when using the Hashtagger plugin. Based on your symptom, you seem to be using it. The only way to get that fixed would be to get your hands on that plugin and debug the code.

You can find a workaround in this answer.

Thanks a lot Pupi1985! You saved my day :)