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This theme has been discontinued! 
Check out these other themes: POLARIS / Aven / Frapuchino / Legacy.

Hi folks!

I'm here to announce that MUFFIN theme version 1.2 has now been released.

All the love and constructive feedback were kindly listened and put into work to perfec the theme.
It offers now a more friendly mobile experience, and supports Right-To-Left writing style.

Some of the major changes you'll see:

  • Question statistics style has changed on listing pages, it's now more compact, showing only its icons and full text when hovered
  • Mobile design improvements
  • There's now a Custom Styles CSS file for you to implement your own styles and color scheme styles, such as changing the TopBar color or other details.
  • Fixed Navigation Bar missing icons
  • Navigation sidebar now starts open in Desktops, instead of sliding in when the page has loaded
  • Badges plugin fixes and updates (this plugin will be available for download for free on my GitHub account of course )

And a few more other improvements here and there and some of them that you might or might not see as many were made on the backend. 

The "bad news" is, discount period has ended. Muffin theme is no longer in discount.
Well actually it's still gonna be with a 5€ discount for a short period of time (1 month) because of the "debugging period" in case there's any little bugs that might need to be fixed and the theme needs to be shipped again to the buyer.
So that's a courtesy to cover that inconvenience in case that happens, which I believe it won't be necessary.

The theme's current price is 25€ (debugging period price)
Live preview: Muffin Live Preview
Demo user: Taylor 
Password: 12345678

Get the theme here: Get Muffin

Mobile screenshot:

Front Page screenshot:

Right-To-Left screenshot:

closed with the note: This theme has been discontinued!
Thank you. I have send you the payment. Waiting to try the theme :)
With a small screen resolution - the drop-down menu on the left closes the content part.
How to add icons for additional links in the menu ?
How can I change the design of categories (the original looks bad) ?
Thank you.

1. This is a known issue and a fix will be implemented on the next theme update, meanwhile if you want to temporary fix this follow these steps: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/60490

2. In version 1.2 custom links already have a default icon. Although if you want to change this default icon, follow these steps: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/60242?show=60333#c60333

3. I will take a look on the categories' design when I get some time.
I'm using the first version of your theme because of more pleasant design. I added the code to the CSS, but the problem is not solved.
I like everything in design. Besides categories and drop-down menu (on the left) for not big screens. So I need fix it as soon as possible.

Perhaps I can reduce the width of this menu so that it does not cover the content part?

Thank you.

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