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I have been trying this for a long time but haven't got any luck in this. Is there a way to get full screen width for a widget like the topbar and footer?

I want to make a widget for top and footer both, so a way to get complete screen would make it even better.
Q2A version: 1.8-beta1

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It depends on the theme. In SnowFlat you can set a widget to be "Full width - top of page" and it will take the whole space.

For some reason "below footer" doesn't work, it still puts it above the footer.
I know that placing a widget top of page can take full space but, I want it to be below the navigation and still be full width.
The topbar navigation is there for a reason afterall.
You can edit the theme. In the body_content function switch these 2 lines:

        $this->output('<div class="qa-body-wrapper">', '');
        $this->widgets('full', 'high');