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I wrote a widget, and make the method "allow_template" return true when $template is equal to "custom", then i select then checkbox of the widget to be displayed on my custom page, However, my custom page can't display this widget. why?
Can you make it appear on any other pages? If not, it may be there is some problem with the widget not related to custom pages.

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qa-page-admin-widgets.php file contains an array named: $templatelangkeys that is instantiated on line 72 (in my source).

$templatelangkeys contains a list of all avaliable pages (or "template" as they're referred to) that is displayed on the Admin -> Layout -> Add Widget page when selecting what template your widget is permitted to appear on.

You also must allow the widget plugin to display on this template through the widget's allow_template() method. (as you have noticed)

Important note:
I haven't yet found a method to register a new template that references the custom page plugin (and it doesn't appear to do so automativally). If a method does not exist (I hven't found one) then you will need to hand edit the $templatelangkeys array when you want a custom widget plugin on a custom page.

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