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If you activate categories, you will find something like this in your sidepanel:

This looks like a widget, right. But if you check admin/layout under widgets, it is not listed (!)

So you cannot remove it, or put it to another position.

This is why I recommend to create a "real" widget for the categories instead. This has been done already with qa-widget-activity-count.php, qa-widget-ask-box.php and qa-widget-related-qs.php in the qa-include folder (the core folder).


FYI, this is how the HTML of the category widget looks like:

<div class="qa-nav-cat">
    <ul class="qa-nav-cat-list qa-nav-cat-list-1">
        <li class="qa-nav-cat-item qa-nav-cat-all">
            <a href="../" class="qa-nav-cat-link">All categories</a>
        <li class="qa-nav-cat-item qa-nav-cat-core">
            <a href="../core" class="qa-nav-cat-link" title="Questions about the Question2Answer platform.">Q2A Core</a>
            <span class="qa-nav-cat-note">(6,842)</span>
        <li class="qa-nav-cat-item qa-nav-cat-plugins">
            <a href="../plugins" class="qa-nav-cat-link qa-nav-cat-selected" title="Questions about plugins created for Q2A.">Plugins</a>
            <span class="qa-nav-cat-note">(1,641)</span>
        <li class="qa-nav-cat-item qa-nav-cat-themes">
            <a href="../themes" class="qa-nav-cat-link" title="Questions about third-party themes.">Themes</a>
            <span class="qa-nav-cat-note">(166)</span>
    <div class="qa-nav-cat-clear">


Edit: I have just seen that I pointed out this problem one year ago, time to change it!

Q2A version: 1.6.3
That's right

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