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I have recently been trying out Q2A's moderation features via local host. I've been playing with some of the admin features like posts and users waiting for approval or posts that are flagged. I thought it was helpful how there is a number beside buttons like "moderate" that show how many pending posts there are. It's probably saving a lot of clicks to see whether there's anything waiting, and probably making the whole system go by faster. 

However, I think there is another extra click that could be prevented in this situation, which is the one to access the admin in the first place. I can imagine a lot of people clicking the admin button to see if there are items waiting for approval only to find nothing, and a lot of people who don't end up clicking it so waiting items end up staying longer. I think it would be helpful if the same thing that was done with the buttons like "moderate" was done with the admin button in the top navigation, so we know at all times if anything requires attention. 

Perhaps a number could appear here, or thereabouts:

Would this be worthwhile as a plugin? I'm not sure if my experience with Q2A's codebase (and more broadly, PHP haha) would be enough for me to develop something like this, though if it's something people would be interested in I might see what I can do. If something like this has already been made, let me know about that too. 

This is how StackOverflow handles it: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=15200655097599799830

There is a red flag in the main menu when any of the other flags are red.
nice idea, I also liked! It will be good if Scott implement in next version.

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That's a good idea! I'm happy to help with any coding questions you have. Otherwise it's something I may get around to eventually.
I would say, Q2A should show Admin menu to all admins and moderators all the time. This would certainly save time and prevent many clicks to reach the moderate section and even any other section. This is just like WordPress dashboard bar at the top, when admin has logged in.
That's good to hear! I can't promise too much, but I'll look into this when I have a moment.