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does it depend on the recentness and number of votes, or number of recent views ?

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Yes, i think so. the combination of freshness, number of votes and number of answers.

4 votes 2 answers today is HOTTER than 5 votes and 3 answers yesterday.

i like it
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Hotness improvement suggestion
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Hotness is calculated based on a linear combination of five factors:

  • Number of answers
  • Number of votes (net up minus down)
  • Number of views
  • How recently question was asked
  • How recently an answer was added (or use the question time if no answers have been added yet)

By default these factors are weighted so that they'll have about the same overall influence, but you'll be able to adjust the weightings for your individual Q2A site.

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By the way, isn't it possible to manually or automaticly reset the "hotness" every week just to prevent that some questions stay "hot" during multiple weeks?
You can set higher value to "Relative weight of question age for hotness" and "Relative weight of last answer age for hotness" at /admin/lists. I think it would help :)
Ah didn't think of that, thanks!