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I'll tell you what I do. This wouldn't work for a high volume of users signing up. It works for me as my site gets about 1 new user every 2, 3, 4 days or so.

1. Get the Stop Spam plugin https://www.q2apro.com/plugins/stop-spam and set a question

2. Go to the Users tab in the admin panel

3. Tick Custom message in email sent to new registered users:

4. Put this message inside:

"Please email me to get approved. youremailaddress@yourdomain.com This is only required to verify you are a real person. Please include your Username (see below). I will respond to your email within (time period of your choice)."

5. Go to the Spam tab in the admin panel

6. Tick or un-tick as follows:

Un-tick Request confirmation of user emails:    
Tick Enable moderation (approval) of users:
Tick All new users must be approved:    
Tick Email me when a new user registers:

7. Go to the Permissions tab in the admin panel

8. Set the following to Approved users only

Asking questions:    
Answering questions:    
Adding comments:    
Voting on questions:    
Voting on answers:

That's it. I get zero spam posts out of about 8000 posts per month on my site.

Good operation method.
Thank you Sama55.
Or another solution would be to remove entirely the q2a email registration and allow users to register using only their social accounts (Facebook, twitter, google+ etc). I tried it and it works but it needs some core hacks and mods ;)

Just an idea ;)
A significant amount of my users do not have Facebook accounts and the like for privacy reasons mainly.