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I really need a recaptcha v3 plugin, If there is someone who is willing to create it I would be willing to pay for the job. Let me know. Thanks.
Q2A version: 1.8.1
What do you need from recaptcha v3 exactly?
Recaptcha v2 is not strong enough. I am getting 50-100 spam registrations per day. I need something stronger to prevent these attacks. My understanding is by setting a score with recaptcha v3 you are able to more accurately recognize bots and stop them. Am I correct?
I got a 90% change of being human using recaptcha v3.
1. What percentage would you consider appropriate for humans?
2. What percentage do you think recaptcha v2 is actually using?
3. Suppose you a user is trying to register to your site and gets the value from the answer to question #1 minus 10%. What would you do with that user?
4. Can you provide a link to a piece of documentation that states that v3 is actually "stronger" than v2?

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ok... cntct me.... or   follow this link  https://themeisle.com/blog/wordpress-captcha/

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Maybe you can or someone else can see something in this data that I'm not understanding. It seems to be telling me that 93% of all requests are suspicious yet success rate is still very high, more than 200 successful submissions every day, I think about 90% of sucessful submissions are spam. Is there some additional setting for recaptcha v2 that needs to be enabled? Will recaptcha v3 be any more effective?