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Hi everybody... I followed the wordpress integration tutorial successfully and i have a wordpress site that shows the q2a pages via iframes. I know using iframes to "integrate" q2a in wordpress isn't a good idea because:

1. Now i have to change the css files on both WP and Q2A to achieve a seamless integration

2. Performance is a very important issue, because of the double server request caused by de iframe

I've tried to include the q2a pages vía php include_once but it cause errors.

Had somebody done something similar? Please help!
What exactly are you trying to achieve? The Wordpress integration doesn't require iframes at all.

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Currently I am challenging the same thing.

What I have done so far ...

  1. Integration with PHP (wp-load.php / qa-base.php)
  2. Embed Q2A page to the WP static pages with iframe

1 is difficult to integrate style sheets. 2 is good result, but it's performance is no good. As a result, I am in the same state with you.

What I want to try after this ...

  1. Lazy load of iframe with layzr.js
  2. Integration with new FAQ plugin
  3. Integration with Q2A API (SORP)  <= This is heavy ... frown

By the way, I am using Advanced iFrame (Free version) plugin. This seems to well help style integration. If you add JavaScript to this plugin, you can also change the design of Q2A in iframe.