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I was able to successfully integrate the Q2A with WordPress, with some minor tweaks, the login was properly redirected to WordPress. The primary reason for me to integrate Q2A is to manage the user accounts efficiently. But when I completed the integration, the following issues occurs:

1. The logout button disappears. There is no way you can logout of Q2A. The user will have to navigate away to the WordPress user profile and then logout from there. If I am using any social media login, then this will be an issue I guess.

2. The Donut theme has a login page in the Q2A site itself. When I typed my credentials and clicked login, it takes me to the WordPress page where I need to login again. This is not a good user experience. I do not know how to integrate this login screen with Q2A.

Is there any plugin or tweak to have all the users listed where we can simply select them and delete, like in WordPress? There is a number of spam users whom I want to get rid of. Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks.
Q2A version: 1.80

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