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I’ve read the WP integration tutorial and found a few WP sites that have successfully implemented Q2A, so I know it can be used with WP sites. I’m just wondering if there are any plans to make a “Q2A plugin” version that can more fully utilize existing WP features and other installed plugins?

For example:

  • showing a list of new questions to answer/moderate within WP’s dashboard, to make them easily available to select staff that don’t have admin privileges
  • showing the status of questions and answers within WP’s dashboard
  • allowing for the use of existing plugins like, social sharing , xml sitemaps, auto-linking of keywords within posts, content syndicators, etc.
  • scheduling expert questions with answers by our staff to publish at a future time to better “drip feed” the search engines, just like you can currently do with other WP content

BTW, kudos on all the information you’ve put together on this site. Between the general product info, this Q&A, and the demo area, I’ve been able to find most all of the answers myself.


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You can do all of this from within Q2A, no need to mess with the WP dashboard...

Question moderation is already customizable based on WP roles

status of questions and answers could be implemented for the Q2A dashboard

access to wp-plugins is possible, since you have access to all of their functions.  Check out the buddypress plugin for an example of this.

Scheduling is easily done with a Q2A plugin.

The only way to do what you are proposing is to create a wordpress plugin... interesting, but doesn't seem worth it, when Q2A already has a great plugin system of its own.