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Please share your ideas for user profile page here.

Here are few things I'm thinking for user profile page. started this thread because of this question

  1. We can have followers and following.
  2. Show his favorite questions, show his questions with best answers(latest first).
  3. Show verified profile on page.
  4. User Wall can be converted to twitter like messages so that user can promote his questions to his followers. Once questions is gone from first page then only search can find it. This will help to get more pageview for site.
  5. Show Badges or rewards on user page, they can show their expertise. I feel this is one of the most important feature for any QA site. Reward users.
  6. Any special title given by admin (we can think of adding custom title for users, we can use same here on Q2A site also ...like member of "Development team", "Testing Team" "Project Lead" "Moderator" etc...this can be without raising his permission on QA site )
  7. add other user statistic data.
  8. Add thanks/Like button similar to fb like button for every answer. Lets says if user answers any question then other user can just say thanks/Like to him by clicking button for his answer. We can list number of Answer Thanks/Likes they received on profile page.

I'm not sure when these will be implemented by Scott or Pupi1985 but let us just list down for feature Q2A version.

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1- A page with the answers of each user that were chosen as the best.

2- User blocking user.

3- Users have the option to only allow friends (favorites) to send private messages and posts on the wall.

4- "Questions from my friends" (favorites)

5- Links on the main profile page for questions and answers of user.
Example: Questions: 44 (27 with best answer chosen). Add link to the questions in this information.

6- Cover image for profile.

7- I would also change the mural to the left side of the profile.

8- Notifications page in profile.

I also liked your suggestions 1 and 6.
@Jonatan, liked your all suggestions. no 7 can be done in theme.
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giving upvote for develop idea

i want "adding user group" like "smf"
What is the use of "user groups"?
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  1. Tags/categories in which user is more active
    • Calculated by Qs and As posted in certain tags
  2. Total question views
  3. Total question views this month with ranking
    • E.g. 4th most viewed user of January so far
  4. Total answer views; Total answer views this month with ranking
  5. User's most voted/viewed questions/answers displayed as in "related questions"
  6. Voting history. Which answers/questions the user recently voted.
  7. Replace main page with favorited content.
    • It's an incentive to follow users, Qs, and As.
    • The main page will be different for every user, like Facebook and Quora.

Feedback of ProThoughts ideas:

  1. I like it. Isn't favorite a bad term? It may not be clear to the user what it does. Follower is a lot more clear.
    • ​​I was using a third party plugin that notified activity of favorited users. Notifications Pro. It's not working in the latest Q2A version though.
  2. Interesting but regular users would have this field empty. Maybe this widget wouldn't show untill there's data to show?
  3. Yes. A lot better than creating a user category just for that. Verified people and verified professionals. The second one confirming they proved the claimed expertise. E.g. Verified engineer.
  4. Isn't this already done by user activity page?
    • Got it. You're thinking way ahead when we could be using algorithms to sort which content is displayed in the timeline and which isn't. This probably won't be effective at the moment.
  5. Ok.
  6. Yes.
  7. I love stats, especially beautiful data visualization but I understand this isn't the focus.
  8. Why? Isn't upvote enough?
Nice suggestions. also thanks for feedback.

8. upvote gives credit to answer but not user. Thanks/Like button is a chance to give user credit, more likes for his answers more they can contribute to QA forum.