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I am wondering which file I need to edit user's profile page? I looked through all files in qa-include folder, but it just made me pull out some of my hair!! frown

I searched for an answer here, but all I hear is " You can do that from css file".

I need to add things and take away things, so please somebody provides me with files that generate that??

Thnaks in advance

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The File for user's profile page is  qa-page-user-profile.php   it is under qa-include folder

you can edit qa-page-user-profile.php  to change in profile page

or you can use a plugin by @sama55

New Hack: Extra Userfield

qa-page-user-profile.php does not even exist. Plus the plugin you talking about is for user account. I came across with that!!
From Q2A-V1.6dev, user's profile program was divided. Robin is surely using V1.6dev. If you are using V1.5.x, it is necessary to read qa-page-user-profile.php as qa-page-user.php.
@sama55: Good info, I hope gidgreen will list those changes!