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Hi. I am trying for hours to find out how to change the position of field location in the user profile page. I want to move it exactly in the right of user avatar image and add a illtle mapmarker icon in the front.

In qa-theme there isnt any class for this and i really cant understand how to do this !!!!!!!! :( i will be grateful if you can share some instructions or how to !

Can someone with more experience help me?

Many many thanks to all of you.
Any idea for this ?

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Yes , You may need to override the class on of your theme file qa-theme.php. that is you need to crack the style of class qa-part-form-profile

example code is shown below

//some custom styles for my account page

function head_custom() {
            if ($this->request == "account") {
                $this->output('<style>.qa-part-form-profile .qa-form-wide-table {background: #E7F5F2;width: 730px;padding-bottom: 5px;</style>');