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@Jatin, could you please look into this issue.

see this question



Q2A version: 1.7.4

Looks like Jatin is not interested in dev of Q2A. Anyone can help for this issue? You can commit changes on github. Thanks!

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Fixed in my branch and sent the pull request: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/pull/463

You can modify the files manually if this is urgent for you.

BTW, SnowFlat is not exactly the theme Jatin created. The theme he created is FlatBox https://github.com/q2amarket/FlatBox , which was merged into the core and modified since then.
@pupi1985, I thought it is completely developed by Jatin.
Welcome. Anyway, no need to say thanks in a Q&A forum. That's what accepting answers is there for :)

We don't really know if there had been any kind of agreement between Gideon/Scott and Jatin regarding getting the theme into the core. I think there was none. Anyway, the theme is GPLv3 so as long as the core stays GPL too and the copyright marks from the comments are kept it should be fine. I believe it is also possible to remove the copyright marks from the HTML itself and distribute it that way too as you are allowed to change the code. Anyway, I find no reason to do so.

When I fork a GPL project I leave the copyright in comments as the author made them but I updated the metadata this way "Author: John (extended by pupi1985)". If I consider I made significant changes (e.g.: rewritten 50% of the logic) to the code then I also add myself as another author to the copyright in comments. That's the most you can do. Nobody can replace it's name in the copyright comments but it's possible to add more. A good related practice is adding a changelog that details the changes from your version and the author's version but as forking a project already links it to the original one I don't do so.
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Open source software becomes infrastructure of society when it is released to the world. Reason for displaying project name to copyright and credit is :
1. Neutrality ([Mis]appropriation of the project is not allowed)
2. Fairness (Cooperation with the interests of certain people is not allowed)
Your conduct in here is very devoted and wonderful. However, those acts should be done in the correct core organization.

In the PowerQA I forked, names of Q2A and Gideon are firmly left as comments.
Originally based on Question2Answer by Gideon Greenspan
Thank you, sama. And yes, leaving the copyright in the comments is the right way to go.