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Hello All, I am thinking to update the Donut theme.

Do you have any other suggestions? Are you facing any issues with the theme on your webste?

You can help me by giving the theme a star and / or raising a issue and / or fixing some of them.


Donut theme 2.0.0 has been Released today

See demo here

Download the latest version

Q2A version: latest
Thanks. And would you be updating the blog-tool? Due to ipv6 issue some people are getting error on blog page. For now I removed the IP insertion to table.

I love the donut theme!  Two questions for you...

1.  How can I send you a donation for the donut theme?
2.  What's your policy on modifying the credit </> at the bottom and maybe putting the credit somewhere else on our site instead?

Hi @tommypages, I am glad that you liked Donut theme.  Here are the answers for your questions.

1. I can PM you the details
2. This theme is released under GPL license, where you are given freedom to change the code and use it (Legally) and redistribute. But I would appreciate if you keep the attribution which is more rewarding.
I love the theme, thank you.

I can't seem to edit a Question as Administrator once it's been answered.  I don't know if being answered matters or not, but I did not try to until after it was answered.  My only options are Hide or Recategorize.

Update:  I do have privilege to 'Edit any Question'.

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I'm using Donut for my site now running Q2A 1.8. It works pretty nice. Not sure if its a theme issue, but the users page is not getting displayed correctly - blank space in image below.


It would be nice to have a drop down near the question title which would list:

  • Favorite This Question
  • Follow/Unfollow this question
  • Anything Else like print.

Follow/Unfollow is not part of Q2A yet, but should be there. I'm trying to make a plugin for same but having theme support would be great.

@muntaha.dede  here is plugin for featured questions http://question2answer.info/featured-questions/
its not work , I getting error when  put an id question .
I will check this plugin
I have fixed the users page by removing the duplicate badge lists. It should work properly now.

You can follow this wiki, if you want to add some more basic styling  - https://github.com/amiyasahu/Donut/wiki/Badge-plugin-integration
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Hello Amiya

I suggest you make it support RTL websites too.
RTL support for bootstrap is a pain. I did not have this idea when I started creating this theme. But I will take a look into this. I will do if it takes reasonable time.
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Thanks for the wonderful theme Ami,

It will be great to have an option to set  'Answer count with vote' at left side as we have in snowFlat theme...
The width can be made full screen by overriding the CSS

But this is not recommended for a Q2A site- but depends on each individual.
Arjun, any specific reason why 100℅ width is discouraged?
The content - for us the questions and answers will be spread wider. It is not good for human eye to scan so much wide. This is what I have seen somewhere and in practice this seems to be true.
Agreed. In most cases you are right
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Could you also make it easier for the background and font colors to be changed?  I like the donut theme, probably the best one I have seen, but takes a lot trying to figure out where to go to change colors.  Thanks.
Its pretty easy to do that if you know little bit of CSS, but a simple admin panel options to change backgrounds and font colors will be great.
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Donut 2.0 Beta

I would like to thank everyone for the nice response I got for this theme. I have spend couple of hours to make it more beautiful. Fixed many bugs and done couple of UI improvements to give it a fresh look. (I am still updating the CHANGELOG)

Now I have updated the Donut theme to 2.0-beta  - https://github.com/amiyasahu/Donut/tree/dev

Please give the project a Star in the Github repo if you liked the theme and if it have helped to make a better community. That would be really encouraging. 

I would appreciate if you can spend some time to test it on your development website with both browser and mobile and report here if you are facing any issues. It would help the community to get a stable theme earlier. 

If you want to make some donations to support the development please PM me.

Here are few screenshots. Hope you will like it..

How did you like it? Let me know in the comment box below.

Thank you in advance

Great work dear .Hope you will continue your contribution .
Good work , We are still waiting the RTL supporting
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Really nice theme, thank you.  Going to implement it today and see how thing go and update the post.  Thanks again!

Update:  It would be nice to have a way for admins (or select authority) of users that can edit  question, even after it has answers and no time limit.
Add RTL option
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Thanks for amazing and Free theme. smiley

I have suggestions for your theme.

-I think its better to move question title inside .pull-left since a very large area is empty and actually isn`t need to be.please check below picture.

- The active page in top menu its better to be in different color as it usual.

- Move question/answer/comment meta to beginning of question/answer/comment (single question page).

- The title in user menu it`s better to be in different font-size or color 

- Add RTL option :)

Thanks again for your free theme yes

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Adding a user card that pops up while hovering on avatar like in cleanstrap theme would have made donut a complete theme.
Does anybody know if Ami is still arround? Ive tried pms and his website is down.
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First of all thank you everyone for all your Love and Support. 

When first I got introduced to Q2A, 5 years ago, I was searching for a beautiful, responsive theme for my website. Back then, The SnowFlat theme was not there. There was Snow theme, I liked it, but It was not what I was looking for. And moreover it was not responsive. 

I tried couple other paid themes and I was not happy with them due to some or other reason. And I was not alone who was facing this problem. I decided to create my own so that I can also contribute something to Q2A. 

I got an idea of creating the theme by using Bootstrap LESS framework and not to heavily modify Q2A theme layer for several other reasons. And I created this theme and named as Donut theme ( I choose this name because I love Donut). Donut theme is almost 4 years old now, I feel like it is just yesterday. 

Making money was not the idea, So I kept it completely Free for everyone. Any one can download and free to use anyway they like.

The initial version was pretty good and the response from the Q2A community was awesome and it got downloaded several thousands of times. This is download count, I am not sure if these many websites use them. But I know there are many popular Q2A websites uses my theme. 

I got many feature requests and enhancement requests from community members and that helped me to make this theme even better. 

It feels really good, when other community members recommend others to use my theme and it really means lot to me.

Whenever I get some time, I still work on this project and I don't want this to fade out with time. I still listen to community members and provide bug fixes and enhancements to this theme. Day by day it is getting better along with Q2A. 

Today I released the version 2.0.0, it comes with many enhancements and updates. It became more beautiful than before. Hope you will love it like before. 

See demo here

Download the latest version

Enjoy and keep helping Q2A growing. 

Change Log

  • Improved wordpress integration. Now displays login and register links in the drop-down when the user is not logged in
  • Fixed PHP warning message (issue #86)
  • Fixed Issues while adding new sections to profile. (issue #66)
  • Fix the favorites page under user profile (issue #68)
  • Fixed Rendering for voting button
  • Dropped badge output from the users page, this should be taken care by the badge plugin
  • Fixed message on tags page when there are no tags available (issue #74)
  • Moved other language files to separate Github Repo
  • Removed deprecated options framework
  • Bootstrap URL https issue (issue #70)
  • Fixed micro-data issue for up-vote count (issue #61)
  • Compressed header image, saves 81% resource utilization. Page loads faster
  • Conversion text from banner's "ask" field to bundle properties (thanks to @edermfl for PR #64)
  • Dropped loading of qa-styles.css as it was not having any styling
  • Removed few unused methods, add some minor fixes and code improvements
  • Fixed the issue with homepage detection
  • Several other Minor bug fixes and enhancements
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Installed,,,,Thanks it is nice.
profile page is not responsive.please fix it.
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very beautiful. What option do you use in this topic to see the picture together with the question in the question lists?
Those images are from the blogs. The demo is using blog plugin and the blogs page has been set as home page. The same feature is not available for question list.
thanks for the clarification
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Hey. I have problems with micro markup. Please help me decide.

it does not work correctly with version 1.8.3. Tell me how to fix it. In this question: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/70061/schema-org-errors-mainentity-missing?show=70061#q70061

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Hello Everyone, 

I am working on the Donut theme to fix some existing bugs and make some design improvements. 

See the Demo

Suggestions are welcome. 

And yes, a star on the GitHub repo would be very encouraging. 

Please let me know in the issues section if you see any bugs in the demo site.

Sorry I didn't realize. I unblocked it. You should be able to message me now.
it is still in blocked state.
Please add notification system in mobile version.on site notification plugin not working in mobile version.Most of the users are from mobile.