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Hello folks,

I have started developing new plugin.. please check this and give your thought and suggestion on it... http://question2answer.club/groups/developers/forum/topic/developing-a-new-quick-user-info-plugin/

Update 1: So here is the screenshot of upcoming User Hover Card plugin

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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This is a real nice one. I use his plugin by Q2A pro for same ans it works pretty well. Attaching a screenshot.

Yeah, I'm aware of it. However, I am planning to add some more features on it to make it more useful.

Since the existing one os a premium, I may release under my free repo. But that I will decide later on releasing time.

Feel free to provide your valuable suggestion on Club's topic. It will eventually help the community.
okay :) It would be good to have it free. Q2A currently lacks a good set of free options..