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As I am very happy to have continued developping the List All Uploads v0.1 plugin. I make a new post here, as version 0.2 0.3 0.4 (updated) includes nice and handy features for admins :)

Plugin Name: List Uploads Page
Plugin URI: https://github.com/echteinfachtv/q2a-list-uploads-page
Plugin Description: Displays the newest image uploads on a separate page / Q2A Image Manager
Plugin Version: 0.4 0.5
Plugin Date: 2012-11-07 2012-12-29

- page only accessible by admin
- provides a page for showing image uploads of last 3 days, access-URL ``your-q2a-installation.com/listuploads``
- checks if each image is used within posts, pages or as avatar
- shows numbered list with:
  * upload date/time,
  * displayed image
  * blobid
  * information where image is used (question, answer, comment, avatar or custom page)
  * original filename
  * size of image in kB
  * user who uploaded
- listed images can be opened in lightbox (if installed_) or images are linked to themselves
- admin can delete single images or all images from database that are not used in posts
- admin can specifiy parameters by URL to filter images: /listuploads?days=30&remove=1&user=William35 (see instruction on listuploads page)

Old Screenshot v0.2: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=10246372648685508676

Screenshot v0.3:

q2a-list-uploads-page screenshot v0.3

I hope you enjoy it :)



Note: You can use the lightbox effect (click on an image and it opens in a popup layer) if you have installed the lightbox. If not, images are linked to themselves.

Q2A version: 1.5.3
Plugin updated to v0.4. Now admin can delete all unused images at once (images younger than 10 minutes are not deleted). Warning dialog beforehand to confirm deletion. Added link for showing only unused images.
Hi  echteinfachtv.
Thank you so much nice plugin. I used it on my test environment. I report a few points.
point 1)
"Default avatar" is displayed on list.
point 2)
Nothing is displayed by "show all image" link. Default 3-days are somewhat narrow. How about reducing selected-records with "LIMIT" phrase?
point 3)
Request parameters are not reflected in URL of "back to upload list" link.
point 4)
Is It better to comment out below line, since display collapses ?
$qa_content['custom'.++$c] = '<style type="text/css">.qa-main { margin:20px 0 0 60px; width:640px; }</style>';
point 5)
It isn't displayed that images uploaded by ckeditor is reused on a PAGE(etc..).
Although this is maniac usage. It is safe, if it erases one by one after searching blobid with the search service of phpMyAdmin.  ^_^;

I consider that it is better not to include all deletion until program becomes firm for safety.
Hi sama55, thanks for the input.
1) if user has set another avatar, this avatar is shown instead default
2) if you click on "show all images" it displays all images. you can change default 3 days to whatever days you like. See info box. Just add to URL: ?days=30
3) true, open issue
4) yes, comment it out, this is just for my theme.
5) good point, will add a check if image blobid exists in page. It is up to the user to delete all images at once or one-by-one.

I will change n°4 and 5 tonight and commit it to github.
Alright, I needed some more time, but pushed v0.5 to github now. Enjoy: https://github.com/echteinfachtv/q2a-list-uploads-page

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